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Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

by Nathan Young1 min read16th Mar 202121 comments


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I'm thinking of creating a group for EAs applying for jobs. If there already is one, please say where it is.

The vision would be a place where people can encourage one another when they get rejections, point to resources, read each others applications etc. 

So imagine such a group existed. Where would you expect to find it? Then I'll set one up there. 

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6 Answers

An independent discord

This is an invite which won't expire https://discord.gg/BEFBqX6Qap

I made a discord. Anyone can join here. https://discord.gg/aYS7Hb2s 

1maximumpeaches2moThat invite link no longer works. Can you share steps on how to join? Thanks.
1Nathan Young2moSorry. https://discord.gg/BEFBqX6Qap

I like that kind of platform, but Slack seems more widely used by EAs compared to Discord. If this gets the most votes, I'd consider checking whether people actually prefer discord or instead rather use Slack. 

1Nathan Young5moI think slack has higher barriers to entry. I'm going to try a discord and if it gets no takeup I can try something else.

Maybe the existing EA Career Discussion Facebook group would be a good place to start such peer support groups, and then they could create their own facebook groups / Slack / etc?

1Nathan Young5moI think anyone is welcome to create their own facebook equivalent but I am going to make a discord.

Slack (EA Anywhere, EA Global or new Slack)

I think you have better chances of success if you use exisiting suitable platforms instead of setting up new ones. 

EA Anywhere seems the best fit for that, so I'd recommend to check with Marisa (EA Anywhere organiser) whether she thinks their Slack would be a good place for this. 

1Nathan Young5moSure but you only have a better chance among the people who are already on the slack. EA anywhere has 176 members. That doesn't seem like that much additional benefit.

Did you end up creating the Discord server? I tried to follow the invite link you posted here, but it didn't work. I would like to join if possible.

As part of another EA discord

An open WhatsApp group pointed at by a forum post

Whatsapp does not have a "thread-function", so I'd expect this to get chaotic rather quickly. 

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I think this is a good idea, especially if the person managing the group is really good at community building and encouragement. I think this works better if it is a Slack or Discord, so that there can be multiple channels for multiple groups to be created, such as those based on causes or career path interests, or forming cohorts or accountability partners between people. I think the ideal would be groups of ~3-6 people encouraging each other and being transparent about their EA job applications. Those groups can then transition to Facebook or WhatsApp groups if they prefer that.

They could probably have one social call to meet each other and say where they plan on applying, then they could just catch up weekly via an update, and then they could have a call to catch up every month or two.

I think it's worthwhile, and lots of local groups do that already (like EA Berlin). 

Maybe local groups can do most of that as they have the benefit of people being able to meet in person (after corona) and sharing similar culture, job prospects etc, and then everyone who does not have a local group nearby can use EA Anywhere?

Would also recommend asking on the EA Groups Slack. Are you on there yet? The invite link should be somewhere on www.eahub.org, but let me know if you can't find it. 

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