tl;dr: fill out this ~2-min form for access!

In Some notes on common challenges building EA orgs, I noted that a lot of managers at EA orgs face a set of similar challenges related to being new to their role and not having peers or mentors within their org to learn from.

I thought it could help to have a shared, cross-organization discussion forum for management issues, so that if you're dealing with some kind of management problem for the first time—say, hiring, or coaching someone who's underperforming, or reorganizing a team—you can get advice from people who have done it before, even if none of your direct coworkers have. I intend to be pretty active answering questions, seeding discussion, etc. for the first while.

For now, the group is open to paid employees of EA organizations (borrowing the EA Ops slack criteria) with at least one paid direct report. If that's you, fill out this form for access!




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To be sure, have you checked that there are not already private channels for this in other Spack groups? I welcome the initiative but I’m somewhat concerned about disaggregating into too many Slacks making communication difficult. Perhaps this could be merged with any existing channels or groups, or some could be shut down?

Hey David, you might already be aware, but Vaidehi Agarwalla has recently spearheaded a project to migrate numerous EA Slacks, Discords, etc into the EA Anywhere Slack.

Edit: I see you're one of the editors! I'll keep this comment up for others to reference.

I  agree with this, there's both a communication and a memory-hogging issue for each new Slack workspace you bring in.
So many conversations you're in include a "Yeah, I think I'm in that Slack space, not sure" since a few of them look alike.

That aside, I applaud the creation and hope to contribute.

I am not an EA Manager, but a founding entrepreneur with lots of experience managing teams successfully looking to add a bit of impact. Happy to answer questions and provide advice.

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