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Charity Elections is continuing to expand internationally, bringing ideas around giving and giving effectively to high school students around the world. 

Now we need several hours of legal expertise in specific countries to solidify legal documentation and ensure the program is compliant with regional regulations (chiefly around child protection and data privacy). Can you help?

Our current most promising leads are (in order of importance) 

  1. Slovakia and Israel
  2. Canada, Germany, Denmark and India

The above generally are countries that have schools expressing interest in the programme. In addition to the above, while the core programme is already running in the US, further counsel there would be helpful for us to expand our offering, and we are open to any other country for future upscaling.*

Please consider if you can refer us to legal counsel, especially if they might be willing to offer a few hours of pro bono work for this worthy cause. Entering a new country means hundreds more students each year encountering the programme.

(Note we are also still excited to receive your secondary school referrals! Please see this post about contacting your school about running a charity election.)

Further Information

Please head to the Charity Elections webpage to learn more about the programme. If you would like to get involved or have suggestions for improvement or partnership, you can reach out to us at charityelections@givingwhatwecan.org.

*We’re covered in the US, UK, Spain, Italy, and Australia.





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@Brad West Would you know any Canadian colleagues?

I do not! But thanks for thinking of me.

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