It's useful to be able to say "I upvoted because". What are most well-understood equivalents for tick and crossvoting?

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Nice, though it does imply disagreevote which is not nice.

Disagreevote is very nice, it's what it is.

2Nathan Young2mo
Then make an option and upvote it :P


This one seems really nice to me. Quick to type. Unambiguous

If you say you x-voted something, does that mean you voted agreement or disagreement?

2Nathan Young2mo
Disagree. Seemingly not unabiguous
2Stephen Clare2mo
Ah, whoops, I was just confused by the title of the post and thought you were just thinking of equivalents for "upvoting". Without that priming, agree that x-voting sounds good and is intuitive.

I like this because it's shorter to type.


(as in, the equivalent of a "+1" comment)


Kind of unwieldy.

Both this and "crossvote" use specific English terms which I think would be less understandable to non-natives?

E.g. in Hebrew we call those signs X and V (pronounced "eex" and "vee"), so understanding the word "tick" for that takes me longer.

2Nathan Young2mo
x-vote and v-vote are nicer but I fear that they will not pass the community vote.
1Ben Stewart2mo
I like x-vote but v-vote reads like downvote to me

v-vote, to match Nathan's x-vote

Agree and disagree. 

I do not like these because you can disagree and not have x-voted. Just as you can like something and not have upvoted. Let's have different words please.

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I can't believe you are gonna make me say agreevote and disagreevote. 

The wisdom of crowds is taking a beating here imo. 

I am sorry. That is what the LW team calls them, and what our announcements say. 

I disagreevote you in spirit. 

Can I suggest you change the tooltips.

Changing the tooltip does seem good. Will make a small PR. 

Can we submit issues to the codebase?

Yep, go ahead. It's a decent place to suggest features or record bugs.

Where is the repository? I've looked and can't find it.