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Hi there, I work in the Internet Policy Unit at The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

We are building an index to measure a nation's national computing power, and are seeking a supplier to help us on this (deadline Friday October 21st). The tender is available here (I can also send you the PDF).

This work is specifically focusing on the role compute plays as a key enabling infrastructure of AI and other emerging technologies.

How do you measure such a capability? 

This is the core issue.

You can look at the number of supercomputers a nation has (Top500), or even the cost efficiency of broadband (The Economist). But these are all just pieces of the puzzle.

We want to change that, and produce a more comprehensive set of indicators. 

With this in mind, the supplier will deliver:

1. A policy report describing the methodology and measurement framework

2. Data visualisations

3. A database of countries with available metrics/indices completed 


What are we looking for in a supplier? The following competencies are important for high-quality delivery:

- Knowledge of compute as it relates to AI

- Experience creating measurement frameworks and indices using statistical techniques

- Consulting experts

- Report writing 

We want to better articulate the opportunities of compute power today, and to project into the future to illustrate how investment today could lead to national transformation. Apply to this tender (deadline October 21st) and help us do this.

Please contact me here, on Twitter, or via email (t.westgarth@institute.global) if you have any further questions.




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As a broader point, which Tom is brave to have reached out in this way, this is a terrible user flow. I wonder how many people want to work with the EA community but have no idea how to interact with our ecosystem.

If someone considers this line of work, I'd be keen to chat and outline some considerations.

Lennart, I was going to put you and Tom in touch. Have you talked?

Lennart has kindly emailed already!

Note that talking to Tom, he would have included a PDF if we had a way to upload those. 

It's pretty easy to host a PDF on any number of free websites (including Google Drive) and link to it on the Forum. Would be a nice feature to have here, but doesn't seem essential for Tom's purposes.

I agree it's a not high priority.

I disagree that it needs to be essential to be worth noting. 

I hope you are doing well, was nice to see you last week.

I've messaged two people about it. Feel free to nudge me on @nathanpmyoung if noone gets in touch. Thanks for reaching out, big fan of the TBI's pragmatic approach to policy change.

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