(Sorry for posting this if it disturbed you.) I'm Jack, a 16-year-old boy living in Taiwan, so I haven't met any EA people in person. I'm interested in(AI) s-risks, but I'm an AI outsider, I think EA people and I have a big knowledge gap of AI. I've read a good deal of online resources, such as CLR, CRS, Tomasik, Vinding and Baumann's. But I have trouble understanding those theoretical essays and didn't get persuasive arguments why I should work in s-risks. I think direct calls with people in s-risks would be more effective than reading online Also, I’m making college major decisions(between medicine and CS), it depends on my career plan(global health or s-risks) a lot, so I need more information on AI s-risks. I'll be very thankful if anyone has enough time to talk with me by phone calls. Your help would influence my future.




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Hey Jack!

You should consider applying/going to an EA Global event — you'll be able to talk (in person!) with a bunch of people who work in the field. If money is a concern, you can apply to have your travels reimbursed. Learn more here :)

~ Saul

Thanks for your reply, but my parents wouldn't allow a 16-year-old kid to travel abroad by himself, and they cannot come with me either.

Hi Jack! 

Have you considered booking a call with 8000 hours career advising? They can help you analyse the factors behind your plans about your future career, and put you in contact with people working in the areas that interest you. 

You could also contact CLR and CRS. If you show knowledge of and interest in their work, they may be eager to help. You can't be sure if you'll get a reply, and that may seem intimidating, but remember that the cost is minimal, EV is high, and how you feel about not getting a reply is at least partly under your control.

While this last point is not specifically focused on s-risks, a very cheap, very valuable, action you can take is subscribing to the AI Safety opportunities update emails at AI Safety Training. Many hackathons advertised there are beginner-friendly.