Are you interested in how top forecasters predict the future? Curious how other people are reacting to the forecasts on Metaculus?

Join us tomorrow, March 31st @ 12pm ET/GMT-4 for Forecast Friday to chat with other forecasters and to analyze current events through a forecasting lens. Author of 750+ questions & Metaculus team member Rudolf Ordoyne will lead discussion on likely AGI timelines

This event will take place virtually in the EA coworking Gather Town space from 12pm to 1pm ET. In addition to Rudolf's Friday Forensics session, you can also visit the Friday Frenzy space to discuss trending topics, or head to Freshman Fridays to learn more about scoring and how to improve your skills.

To join, enter Gather Town and use the Metaculus portal. See you there!

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If you find me wandering around the Gather Town tomorrow at the event, be warned that I may talk to whoever will listen about the Tyler Cowen vs. Scott Alexander kerfuffle on this topic going on right now :-).