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Would it be interesting to get a better overview about the communities detailed EA-related values and attitudes such as their risk attitudes, level of inequality aversion, degree of social value orientation, trust in institutions, perceptions/definitions of what is good/efficient/fair, etc.?

This information could be elicited in one large or several small surveys or polls.




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There are some related questions in the EA Survey 2022

Thank you, I hadn't seen that one when writing the post. I did see two questions about risk attitudes, but not about the other things I listed above, which I still believe are interesting to know since they will e.g. influence EA community members' individual priorities.

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Is this in addition to the more frequent (compared to previous annual) polls already being taken by 80k?

Dear Pete, as I'm new here I don't know of these polls you cite, so I can't answer this. Do you have a link for that?

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