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 I'm working in a decentralised Twitter clone aligned with EA goals. 


Right now, you can create post, threads, prediction markets and send a crypto token with value just by mentioning a user.

We're organising some games like this run bet https://nmkbs-aaaaa-aaaam-aadfa-cai.ic0.app/post/833#main and planning to send fees/funds to a charity.

Eventually, the architecture will be as decentralised as possible.

You can see here a demo https://nmkbs-aaaaa-aaaam-aadfa-cai.ic0.app/


1- Apart from polishing and keep adding twitter features, which extra features would you like to see in this EA aligned social network?

2- Do you have an idea of which general principles should I use to make it more aligned with EA?

3- Finally, I would like to get ideas about where to apply to get extra funding to accelerate development. 


Thank you in advance for your help and kindness :). 

 You can follow us at @SeerMarkets in Twitter.





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I'd be excited for features that promote good epistemics, including:

  • Interactivity on the site
    • Being able to enter prediction markets without leaving the page you're on
    • better polls than twitter
  • Promoting social / gamified regular challenges
    • Forecasting
    • BOTECs / Fermis
    • Good tweet/thread-length explanations of tricky ideas
    • Hypothesis generation
      • What should Putin do / why is he doing this?
      • How should sex ed get taught?
      • What funding models are possible besides the ones we have? For science, for EA projects, other?
      • How much math should be taught in schools?
      • What different models of mental health are there?
    • Babble challenges e.g. https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/pDkZitYsJAwf8mHKJ/babble-challenge-50-ways-of-sending-something-to-the-moon
    • Encouraging a sprint of learning a new thing
      • Using squiggle for the first time
      • Writing your first short form
      • Making your first tiktok
      • etc
  • Promoting regular reflections
    • What am I not currently taking seriously?
    • What am I confused about? 
    • Examples of propagation of beliefs to other beliefs / actions
  • Promoting independent thinking
    • How much do you currently buy longtermism? What are some cruxes?
    • Which of the new cause areas are you most excited about? 
    • etc

I agree with Chana, and would like an app that draws you through this process.

Agree, we're very much looking to create a social network that improves though process. We choose twitter as a starting point because it has a nice structure (trees/forest) and we plan to modify it to improve critical thinking.

I would love if you could expand a bit on the "interactivity" items, since is the one that we can handle more immediately. Thanks 

So, being able to enter your prediction on prediction markets without leaving the page you're on, being able to put an answer to a fermi or other kind of question but behind a spoiler tag, being able to collect a bunch of answers to a question (like this question post does), being able to comment on or collaborate on threads, maybe being able to fork threads the way you would have gone. Does  that gesture at the kinds of things I want?
Yes, and it sounds very aligned to what we have in mind.

There is a old post quite similar to my question:


I would like the ability to control what I see and make it show me things I like again on my main timeline at some future time. Kind of twitter meets anki. 

That sounds easy to implement. Definitely we're going to give users many choices regarding feed algorithms and they are going to be able to plug any custom one.

Some extra questions to think about or just have fun:

1 - Should the feed promote EA aligned posts over others?

2- Should we optimise for active users? Number of posts? Happiness?

3- Should it be running in a centralised server (like EA forum?) or in a decentralised way?

4- What should be the role of crypto inside the social network, if any?

5 - Should users control the network by coin voting?

6- Should users be able to fork the network and quickly create a spin-off?

7 - How should it create revenue and re-direct it to altruistic causes? 

I hope is enough to kick start some conversation as I believe having a better social networks and aligned to EA values is vital.

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