Altruistic Careers is a new recruitment firm that helps EA-aligned organisations with their hiring.

We have just posted several job opportunities on our website, with more to come in the following weeks.

We are currently looking for a:
- Data analyst 
- Research Analyst 
- Research Assistant 
- Content Creator 

We are also accepting general applications for individuals who wish to be contacted about future job opportunities. More information about our service, and the roles being advertised, can be found on our website:

If you would like to apply for any of the positions listed, please get in touch via

If you are an organisation interested in knowing more about our recruitment service, please reach out to


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Adding some data to this: 

When I sent an email to the email address mentioned above, I received a well-meaning automated reply. 

However, it contained the following part, which I don't think we should lead with:

In the meantime, why not check out some fun facts about Effective Altruism? Did you know that by donating to charity, you can save a life for as little as $3.33? Or that some of the most effective ways to make a positive impact are also some of the most unexpected?

This is inaccurate at best and deceiving and harmful at worst - and it's even debunked by the very link you follow this up with![1]

  1. ^

    The CEA website mentions the more commonly used number of 5,500$. 


Hi Moritz von Knebel

On the mistake you cited in our automated email - a huge apology from the team to you and the EA community. I can assure you that no intentional 'deceit' was involved, this was an honest mistake by one of our team members.  Still, I appreciate the sentiment that this could be considered harmful misinformation, and we're extremely sorry about that. 

Based on this, we've had some internal discussions, and we've implemented a new policy whereby our outreach manager will review all of our written content before it is released to ensure that a mistake like this does not happen again.

Hey! I'd like to quietly advertise a Job Post Template that I wrote.

TL;DR: If you have positions open, I think you're much more likely to get applicants if you mention things like salary, local-or-remote, part-or-full-time, without sending people to external links.

The post collects many such things that candidates care about and puts them in the same place.


For myself reading your post (giving my perspective as a single "user" of your post), I know many people who might fit your role as data analysts, but I know so little about the position that I have no idea if sending this post to them would be valuable or not.


I write this with the intention of helping and being useful, I might be wrong about everything, feel free to ignore.


Good luck! I hope your org goes really well


Hi Yonatan Cale thank you very much for your feedback and you're kind words, I will certainly take this on board going forward. 

[Epistemic status: I've never done recruiting, I don't run or have a position at an 'EA org' - feel free to ignore anything I say]

But, a couple of thoughts:

  1. Your branding and copywriting could use a lot of work. It's not immediately clear to me that this organisation is legitimate.
  2. I'm highly unlikely to apply for a job if I don't know who the hiring organisation is. The organisation and their mission is one of the primary reasons I'll apply anywhere. If you're doing "blind" hiring rounds, you'll need to accrue a lot more trust amongst top talent.
  3. These roles all seem fairly junior? I don't see much need for a recruiting agency working on junior roles. Main bottleneck seems to be finding a good fit for senior/management roles, and professional recruiters should rather spend their time on this

Hi jwpieters

On your first point - we sincerely apologise for some of the errors in our copywriting. As I mentioned in my response to Moritz von Knebel, we've had some discussions based on this feedback to ensure this will not be a problem in the future.

To your second point - this is also something we've had some internal discussion about. In principle, we'd love to display the names of the orgs we are working with, but we are still trying to work out how to approach this logistically. Our current approach is in line with the standard practice amongst recruitment firms - the name of an organisation is typically not shown in job ads since firms want potential candidates to interact with them during the recruitment process. We aim to convey enough information within our job ads so that potential candidates clearly understand the mission of the organisation they are applying for. Again, I appreciate some of our copywriting may have been subpar here - this will not be an issue in the future. 

To address your third point - the roles we recruit for have varying degrees of seniority. Our function is to serve any organisation as per their individual needs - you'd be surprised how difficult and time-consuming it can be for some orgs to hire for even junior positions. 

(V small feedback) Looks like you didn't actually hyperlink the website, so it's harder for people to find on a glance:

Maybe worth hyperlinking the first time you say the words 'Altruistic Careers' also?


Hi Angelina Li, a big thanks for pointing out the issues with the hyperlinks


A big thanks to everyone who commented on the post; we really appreciate all the feedback. Please feel free to leave any further thoughts on our project in the comment section or to reach out to me directly via