[link] Centre for the Governance of AI 2020 Annual Report

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Note: I'm an employee of FHI and GovAI.

The Centre for the Governance of AI, part of the Future of Humanity Institute, recently published our annual report for 2020. I'd really appreciate questions and thoughts in the comments below. You can also send them to markus.anderljung@governance.ai.

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I think you might have accidentally linked to the 2019 report. The 2020 report seems to be here https://www.fhi.ox.ac.uk/govai/govai-2020-annual-report/

Thanks for the catch :) Should be updated now

Thanks for sharing this.

Very minor comment: The description "This article considers the extent to which there is a tension between focusing on the near and long term AI risks" is attached to both the "Beyond Near- and Long-Term" paper and the "Beyond Privacy Trade-offs with Structured Transparency" paper, but I think it should only be attached to the former.

Also, the report mentions a 2020 talk by Dafoe on "AI Social Responsibility".  Is there a place I could access the talk? (The link in the report seems to be to the conference's site rather than the talk specifically, and I couldn't quickly find a video of the talk via Googling.) 

Thanks for pointing that out, Michael! Super helpful. 

You can find the talk here

Thanks for that link!