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Charity program will no longer be cancelled, according to Manifold Twitter.

This sucks. See the Slate Star Codex post(s) (which I sadly cannot now find) about how payment processors end up being enforcers of the law instead of the government. And it's not a good situation, since they:

  1. Have the incentive to be overly cautious with respect to the law
  2. Have no appeal, really
  3. Are fundamentally not part of the democratic thing, for whatever that means to you

[Edit: FWIW, I think Stripe/Visa/Banks are fundamentally subject to incentives created by regulators to do this, and would probably be shut down if they did not.]

This is a bummer to hear... part of why I felt comfortable buying mana, even when I lost it, was that I figured a lot of it would end up with effective charities at some point.

In retrospect, this was probably a simplistic view of the site, but alas. I do hope their team is successful in finding another solution.

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