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Are you an EA entrepreneur or lead operative in your organization, seeking to gain skills and expertise to make your organization have a greater impact?

Applications are open now until September 15th for the next Operations Fellowship cohort beginning in October.  Full details on our program are available in this document.

The objective of this fellowship program is to empower leaders and operations professionals in non-profit organizations, particularly those who may not have formal business training. Through a comprehensive course covering strategic organizational foundations, strategies for growth, team development, and increasing impact, participants are provided with the knowledge, tools, and hands-on experience needed to achieve their organizational goals. The program aims to enhance participants' abilities to lead effectively, optimize workflows, foster a healthy organizational culture, and create actionable plans tailored to their unique contexts.

General Feedback:

For those who have participated in our programs so far, the qualitative data assessment suggests a substantial increase in organizational stability, impact and growth. Additionally, the participants (particularly those who paired it with coaching) displayed an increase in confidence, personal happiness, community connectedness, achievement, and a decrease in burnout and stress.

Past posts about the fellowship and our services:

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I will also be at EAGxNYC this weekend if anyone wants to meet me there and chat.

I look forward to having you in our next cohort!




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I know we use the term "Fellowship" for anything and everything in the EA community, but wouldn't a program that charges tuition etc. be more accurately described as a "Course", "Class", "Training" or "Bootcamp"?

Or, to be less adversarial: How did you decide on the name for this program? :)

In case someone is interested in the price, I’m seeing this in the doc:

The full cost of the program (sessions and 1 coaching session per month) is $5,900. For those not interested in coaching sessions, the cost for the program is $3,000. Scholarships are available upon request during the application process for those working in non-profit organizations.

To me, a fellowship implies a higher degree of training and involvement than just a course. It's a combination of education and experience, and it seems to me to be the best word for it. And yes, the fact that it's something EAs tend to understand easily makes it a better word to use for that purpose. But I'm open for suggestions if you have better ones!

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