Agree and disagreevote currently count for 2 or more depending on strong votes etc. 

Why not test just +1 or -1 for 

I don't have a strong view, but I reckon testing this would be a co-census change, so it seems worth surfacing that if it is. 

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I wanted to add the community tag so this was a community post.. but I can't.

I think if you go to the topic page and click the "+post" button you get a new post with the tag added.

Does stuff show up as Frontpage until a mod manually adjusts it to Community under the new system?

Sure but if I do that it seems better?


The forum should test Agree and disagree-votes should only could and 1/-1 and there shouldn't be strong votes.

Agree or disagree (note that these don't give or take karma)

Withdrawn: I misread the question.

I'm generally in favour of tests, but I'm not sold on this test because:

• The rest of the internet looks like this, so it seems like we should be able to predict results without having running this test ourselves.
• If we did test it, I wouldn't want to test it forum wide, but in a few specific conversations and this post doesn't suggest any ways in which we  could test it without turning it on for the whole site.
• I would like to see a specific issue that this would be aimed to address. If your worry is that dissenting posts don't get upvoted, well I can see why someone might have been worried about this before, but this doesn't seem to have been a problem over the last few weeks. If anything, I'm becoming worried that the easiest way to gain karma is currently to write some criticism, even if it doesn't really bother to engage with any of the counterarguments.

the rest of the internet doesn't have agree and disagree

Oh, sorry, I missed on “agree/disagree votes” my bad. That seems more reasonable.