Giving Games: Impact Report

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We recently released the 2019-2020 Giving Games Impact Report. Executive Summary and link below. As always, I appreciate feedback and expect this to be most useful for people considering their programming given the current situation. We have already adapted Giving Games to an online context and have ready-to-go materials here.

Executive Summary

We strengthened our foundations: With the hiring of our first full-time member of staff, we increased our capacity, with the intention of scaling in 2020. We assembled ready-to-run materials including videos to guide facilitators through each stage of a Giving Game and launched an online Giving Games Platform to administer our impact tracking.

We refocused how we measure our impact: We primarily look at two core criteria: changes in how participants value considerations associated with effective giving and plans to give more effectively going forward or become involved in effective altruist/ effective giving groups or organizations. We decided to focus on reaching people who are at the beginning their journeys in effective altruism and high impact philanthropy.

We demonstrated our impact: We collected compelling evidence that Giving Games change people’s minds and plans towards charitable giving. Most importantly, we were able to evidence concrete actions taken as a result of Giving Games.

We built scalable models: We worked with a broad diversity of stakeholders, created scalable models, evidenced their workability, and identified areas for further engagement.

We will now prioritize scaling and concrete end asks: We will prioritize scaling through partnerships with universities, effective giving/ effective altruist groups, corporations, and giving circles.

Impact Report here.

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