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I submitted a question on March 31 and have not heard anything for 3 weeks now. I see that there was an update on March 10, but I thought I remembered a link to it in the sidebar or on the home page or something, which I now can't find. 




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Hi Jeremy, I'm very sorry with how slow the turn around has been recently.

I've been at a very low capacity to manage the project after being ill, and I'm sorry that we haven't gotten back to you yet. I also don't feel like I can indicate turnaround time right now due to having some of the librarians leave recently.

We will certainly aim to answer all submitted questions but I expect that I will close the form this/next week, at least until I work out a more sustainable model.

Sorry to hear about your illness. I hope you feel better! It was very helpful the one time I used it, so I hope you guys can find a way to keep it going. Thanks!

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