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Applications for CEA’s University Groups Team summer internship have opened!

  • Dates: flexible, during the Northern Hemisphere summer
  • Application deadline: Sunday, March 31
  • Learn more & apply here!


CEA's University Groups Team is running a paid internship program! During the internship you will work on a meta-EA project, receiving mentorship and coaching from CEA staff. We have a list with some project ideas from previous years, but also encourage you to consider others you'd like to run. 

This is your opportunity to think big and see what it's like to work on meta-EA projects full-time! 

Applications are due Sunday, March 31 at 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth.


  • Test out different aspects of meta-EA work as a potential career path
  • Receive coaching and mentorship through CEA
  • Receive a competitive wage for part-time or full-time work during your break
  • Be considered for extended work with CEA


You might be a good fit for the internship if you are:

  • A university group organizer who is interested in testing out community building and/or EA entrepreneurial projects as a career path
  • Highly organized, reliable, and independent
  • Knowledgeable about EA and eager to learn more

Make sure to read more and apply here!

More info

If you have any questions, including any related to whether you'd be a good fit, reach out to us at unigroups [at] centreforeffectivealtruism [dot] org.

Learn more & apply here

Initial applications are due Sunday, March 31 at 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth.




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