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I lead CEA's University Groups team. We often post updates on the Forum about what we're up to, and are always happy to answer questions!

I helped start & ran Positive Impact Society Erasmus (PISE) in 2020-2022, and was co-lead for EAGxRotterdam 2022. I'm happy to answer any questions about those experiences!


Congrats on the remodelling, it looks great!

Wanted to flag that you can select multiple answers for every question in the survey, not sure if you meant that to be the case?

Are there any resources that inform your views on biodiversity that you'd recommend others read? I'd be curious to learn more!


I remember someone giving a talk on the topic at EAGxCambridge but I couldn't quickly find who this was unfortunately

A few months ago, @Naomi N and I collected this overview of all post-FTX reflection-related projects we were aware of at the time - you and others might find that helpful!

Hey Tom, welcome to the Forum! 


I happened to see this comment, excited to get in touch! And thanks for the recommendation James :)

Want to shoot us an email at unigroups [at] centreforeffectivealtruism [dot] org? I've already asked someone to do a search in our system for any people in your area!

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Just sending a quick reply - you might find this interesting!

For anyone wondering what other reflection/reform projects are happening - just plugging this overview Naomi and I put together!

Thanks for clarifying that national groups fulfil important roles beyond those two parts of the funnel!

Reading this made me realise I'm worried that there are important things that regional/national groups do that aren't always very legible to funders, like:

  • Allowing EAs outside of traditional EA Hubs maintain motivation in their work (kind of what you describe in the 'Continuous contact points' section)
  • Having EAGx conferences take place (initiating the idea; getting a team together, etc.)
  • Fostering positive portrayals of Effective Altruism in local media outlets

I'm worried that various contributions of national groups are hard to capture in a metric like 'longtermist career changes', and think this post is helpful in clarifying the importance of funders not being too myopic in their grantmaking decisions. [Edit: I'm not necessarily arguing they are] Thanks for writing this!

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