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Group photo of last year's University Group Organizer Retreat


The Organizer Support Program (OSP) is a three-week mentorship program (though most organizers will receive semester-long mentorship) aimed at university EA group organizers to help them prepare for the start of the semester. It offers regular meetings with an experienced mentor, various workshops, and useful resources to run an effective group. OSP is the follow-up program to UGAP.

We are also looking for additional experienced organizers to serve as mentors. You can find out more about and express interest in becoming a mentor here.

University Group Organizer Retreat 

The University Group Organizer Retreat is also happening! The in-person retreat will allow organizers to meet other organizers and EA professionals, to help them learn more about community building and EA more broadly. The retreat will take place January 5 - 8, close to Oxford (UK), and CEA will cover travel, room and board.  

We expect most attendees to be UGAP and OSP participants, but we also have limited spots available for university group organizers who are not in our programs. The retreat is mostly aimed at university group organizers relatively new to community building.

Deadline & application process

You can apply to both opportunities until November 12, 12:59 PM AoE!

  • We combined the application forms, making it easy for you to apply for both
  • If you have previously participated in UGAP or OSP, or received Open Philanthropy’s University Organizer Fellowship, the application will only take a few minutes

Hiring: University Group Coordinator

Applications for the University Group Coordinator role are still open. You can read more here, and apply until November 8!

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Just saw this! For anyone considering on going to the retreat: I went last January, had a blast and got to meet a ton of CB's from around the world :)

The opportunity is especially awesome if your local/regional community isn't very big (like my case) because you'll get to meet many new EA friends and professionals!

 I can second this: CEA's retreats are top tier

Thanks both! This is so nice to hear!

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