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CEA is excited to announce that the EA Groups Resource Centre has been significantly updated! We've made substantial changes to improve information transfer and user experience based on over forty user interviews completed this summer and continuous feedback collected since its creation.

Key improvements include:

  • Reduction in links to other resources: the new resource centre functions far more as a one-stop shop for all your group organising needs.
  • New information: new pages have been added to address the needs of group organisers in a more targeted way.
  • Conciseness: we received feedback that the past resource centre was overwhelming, so we've reduced the content per page, giving you only the best information.
  • Clarity: all pages have been updated and formatted to maximise readability.
  • Navigation: re-organised content structure and grouping to find content more easily.
  • Design: redesigned website in a new format for more intuitive use.

Some of our brand-new pages are: 


Some of our heavily updated pages include: 

  • 1:1s: we've split this important topic into career 1:1s and general 1:1s, and created a self-contained information hub on navigating them.
  • Events pages: we’ve added a lot of extra information, like length, target audience, pros and cons, and more, to our guides on workshops, talks, and socials.
  • Social media: we've distilled and clarified information to give you easy-to-follow instructions on navigating your social media strategy and content.


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We welcome further feedback on the new site here. The feedback we received on the old resource centre was invaluable in updating this version, and we would be very excited to get more ideas of ways we could improve the site!

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Thanks for the update. From what I have skimmed it looks really polished. I shared it with my local group. :)

So great that you've revamped the site!!

Two heads up:

  • The feedback link in this post doesn't work. 
  • This url that's linked to in the resources also doesn't work.

Hi Eirine, thank you for this! We've updated the link in this post; however, we cannot seem to find the second URL. If you let us know where that link was located it can amended asap! Thank you again for flagging. 

This looks like a Notion page despite not having that in the URL. This is just a coincidence or did you find a way to embed notion onto another website?

Notion pages can be published with a custom domain using https://super.so/ :)