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  • Applications have opened for CEA’s Organizer Support Program (OSP), a mentorship program for both new and experienced organizers of EA university groups.
  • We have combined our earlier group accelerator program (UGAP) into OSP, so students looking to start a new group from scratch can now apply directly to OSP.
  • We’ve also launched a new sister program focused on AI Safety university groups, the Fieldbuilder Support Program (FSP)
  • We have supported over 250+ organizers via our programs and welcomed groups from every populated continent. We are excited to keep growing!
  • Participants can apply here, and mentors can apply here. The deadline for applications is Monday, June 24th. You can also recommend people to us.

Launching the Fall 2024 round of OSP

The Organizer Support Program (OSP) is a three-week mentorship program (with the potential for semester-long mentorship)  aimed at EA university group organizers to help them prepare for the start of the semester. It offers regular meetings with an experienced mentor, various workshops, and useful resources to run an effective group.

OSP is now for new groups too!

If you’re a student at a university without an EA group (or looking to revive an existing group), you can now apply directly to OSP to get support in starting a new group.

In the past, students wanting to start a new group would need to go through the University Group Acceleration Program (UGAP), but we’ve now merged this program with OSP, bringing in resources like:

  • Mentorship tailored to launching a new group
  • Facilitator training for running your first intro fellowship
  • A guide of helpful resources for your first semester

Applications for next semester are open! Learn more and apply here by 11:59pm UTC, on June 24th.

As has been the case in previous rounds, please note that OSP does not currently offer a stipend for organizers. However, if this impacts your ability to apply, we would appreciate hearing from you here as we continue to assess this aspect of the program.

Announcing a new program for AI Safety groups 

We’re also adding a new sister program to OSP, the Fieldbuilder Support Program (FSP). FSP offers support to new and existing organizers of university groups focused on AI Safety. This program was designed based on our experience running OSP AI Safety for a year, an invite-only pilot mentorship program that was designed with the help of various experienced AI Safety group organizers. We’re excited to launch this program as we near the spin-off of AI Safety group support.

See here for more details on the program and apply here. As with OSP, apply by 11:59pm UTC, on June 24th.

Call for EA and AI Safety mentors

For both programs, we are also looking for people with organizing experience to serve as mentors. You can find out more about and apply to become a mentor here.

If you have any questions about OSP or FSP, please send an email to unigroups@centreforeffectivealtruism.org

We hope to see you apply!

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