tl;dr: You can move significant amounts of non-EA funding toward an EA-aligned charity in only 15 seconds by voting for Clean Air Task Force in the Charity Navigator Community Choice Awards. Vote!

Clean Air Task Force is an EA-aligned climate mitigation nonprofit which is Founders Pledge's top climate charity and has been recommended by them since 2018. CATF has also been recommended by Giving Green since 2021. CATF [1] is doing exceptional work pushing policy solutions to enable decarbonization through new technologies, such as next-generation geothermal energy, nuclear energy (both fission and fusion), and carbon capture and storage. For example, we were influential in many of the key provisions of the IRA, as well as in keeping open the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California.

CATF has been nominated for the Community Choice Awards from Charity Navigator, the largest and most-utilized charity evaluator in the United States (almost 11 million unique site visitors per year). Winning this award will earn CATF prominent visibility on Charity Navigator's website for the next year, an email announcement to Charity Navigator’s audience of donors, dedicated posts on Charity Navigator’s social media, and a webinar speaking opportunity. We expect that this extra visibility and engagement could drive significant funding for CATF from non-EA donors. CATF appears to be the only EA-aligned organization nominated for the Community Choice Awards, so voting is potentially very high-leverage.

You can vote for CATF at this link ( Voting takes only about 15 seconds and you can vote every day through August 27th, when the first round of the contest closes. Please enable more effective giving by supporting CATF!

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    Disclaimer: I work at CATF (on the Superhot Rock Energy team). I joined CATF because of the Founders Pledge recommendation and love working at an organization that's so aligned with my values. I'm always happy to talk about CATF with anyone who's interested in learning more --




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Minor note: it would help to make the title of this post more informative, so people can more deliberative choose whether they should click into it or not. E.g. "Vote for Clean Air Task Force in Charity Navigator awards — 15 secs"

Thanks for the feedback! I updated the title to be a bit more descriptive

This is great, thanks for highlighting. Evidence Action is another excellent charity that’s nominated, here’s the link to vote for them: Action Inc.

Thanks for catching! I missed them when doing my initial scan of the nominees list.

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