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This is not written by the EA Forum team. I am unaffiliated with CEA. I asked Aaron and he said it was fine to use the PR FAQ format to suggest new features.

The EA Forum team has been sharing their project proposals publicly on the Forum. They’re written as though the product were already finished. See here for a description of PR FAQs. This is similar but doesn’t have the backing of the team. 

Posting more jobs to this forum


We have done the following:

  • The jobs tag is hidden by default and you can unhide it (like shortforms) - Most people aren’t looking for jobs, so we don’t want to spam them
  • We have created a range of subtags by cause area (animal advocacy, biosecurity) and job role (ops, research)
  • We are paying someone to add 5 jobs a week from the @effective_jobs Twitter aggregator. We considered doing it from 80,000 Hours, but figured it was better to include jobs which are currently harder to find. If successful we might crosspost all 80k's jobs as well.


Some of us want to hear about more EA jobs. 


By unhiding jobs you can see a lot more jobs on the EA forum. You can set your homepage filters to get the specific kind of jobs you want. If you don't unhide the jobs, you'll notice nothing changes at all.

More detail

If you aren’t looking for jobs, nothing changes! But if you are, just go to the front page, unhide jobs and, like any other topic, increase the visibility of the kind of jobs you’d like to see more of (there is a +karma weighing to certain subtags)

Upvote jobs you think are important, downvote those that aren’t.

We're also paying someone to put 5 jobs on a week as a minimal viable product. 


“I saw a nuclear risk job while reading on the forum and I managed to apply and get it“ Petrov Ivanov

“I enjoy submitting and upvoting jobs in a way that’s really simple” Jim Goodheart

“I use the forum to find new jobs for the 80k jobs board” 80k jobs board manager

“I don’t want to find jobs and don’t notice anything has changed” Tilly Peppings-Holdsworth


Will posting jobs become an easy way to gain karma?

That’s something we are thinking about. Currently we don’t see the issue with useful actions providing karma, but if a majority of karma awarded comes from jobs posts we will consider fixes.

Can the jobs be sorted by salary or location?

Location yes, salary no. You can tag jobs with location. For salary we haven’t added that field. If enough people want it, we might.





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I'd also love to see a 'Link' tag that is hidden from the frontpage but accessible elsewhere where people can submit links without any comments, but people can then discuss it... this way we could have an  EA hackernews / reddit thing.

If this is intended to make it more easy or inviting to post jobs (?) then I don't know if this is actually a problem, but I also suspect something like this enough for me to try something [as you've undoubtably seen :) ].

If it is indeed a problem, I think giving people karma to encourage them to post more jobs/pain-points/whatever is an easy call

Hey, as someone who's considering where to work, I'd be happy if:

  1. I'd have lots of visible options, in an accessible filterable way
  2. There would be an option to publicly discuss (or even vet) the jobs
  3. In the 80000 hours job board, there isn't a good filter for remote work that can be done from any location (this was relevant to friends of mine)
    1. But otherwise I don't think it would help me if someone would repost jobs from there
  4. Getting a "stream" of jobs (such as a Twitter bot) probably wouldn't be useful since I don't expect to stay in this situation for long
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