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Can I archive the EA forum on the wayback machine (internet archive, archive.org) ?

by nlacombe1 min read24th Jun 20207 comments



There are some great information on this forum that seems to be available publicly (I can access it in an incognito chrome window) and I would like to increase the chances of this information surviving for a long time.

When I try saving a EA forum page it looks like it does not render correctly on the wayback machine. Ex: https://web.archive.org/web/20200624163706/https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/8vfadjWWMDaZsqghq/long-term-investment-fund-at-founders-pledge

The https://lesswrong.com website seems to have the same issue .
I opened a github issue on LW's repo since I assume it is an issue with the source code of LW.

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EA Forum developer here. I'm not sure why the wayback machine can't read our site. The hard solution would be for me to fix this or for someone to submit a Pull Request. The easy solution would be to point archive.org at ea.greaterwrong.org which seems to render properly there

I believe this was discussed before but cannot remember where. I may be failing to credit someone for coming up with that workaround.