Requesting support for the StandAgainstCorona pledge

by Peterslattery1 min read17th Mar 20201 comment



A group of behavioural scientists have collaborated to develop a website that is intended to inspire changes in behavior that could slow the spread of COVID-19. The website presents a list of four actions, and encourages visitors to consider (1) pledging to take the actions; and (2) sharing the website on social media.

Spencer Greenberg, Charles Bresler, and several other EAs have been involved in the project.

The website is here. Please sign the pledge if you believe that it is worth taking. Please also feel free to share it (unless you have a large social media following - in which case we would prefer if you could wait until March 18th).

Here is a summary of why we are doing this and why we believe it could be effective.

Additional features will be added to the site on Wednesday March 18th. If there are people with large social media followings who would be willing to share about the site, we would prefer that they share on Wednesday or soon thereafter (and we would be very grateful!)

Please fill in this form if you would like to offer feedback on the website and/or help us distribute the Stand Against Corona pledge during and after its launch.

Please also consider sharing this form with anyone you know who might be interested in helping to support this project.

Thank you in advance for your help!