The 'Pain points':


  1. Spend many hours per week driving or doing other things that leave the eyes busy but the mind free, and
  2. Want to reach out to discuss EA and adjacent ideas and developments, make contacts, ask for and give advice, and more.

The wish-list thing: Some hands-free audio interface that links you with people in this community. Does it exist, could it exist, anyone interested in making it happen?

What I tried/considered

I thought an EA group on clubhouse might do this, but for a few reasons I don't think that is going to serve this purpose. Some suggested a 'big whatsapp group' but I'm not sure. The Slack 'hangout thing' within an org also doesn't seem to achieve this.

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Probably gotta go where the people are. Twitter has this:

plus there’s a new EA group there.

Thank you. I hope to try it and report back, especially considering whether it works for hands-free

What is the new EA group called… can’t find it.

3Gavin7mo []
But that is not the same thing as a “space”. This seems like something that categorises Twitter posts but it’s not the place that permits audio discussions. To do that I guess we will have to start a space. Maybe I will do it?
Ok testing it out now. Someone join so we can see how it works? []
Okay it worked and it was pretty fun. We discussed apple butter and other stuff. Will have to look into the terms and conditions, but it will be great if we could find someone (nonlinear??) who would keep this, or something like this open 24/7. Or maybe it’s just a permanently open zoom call?