List of Under-Investigated Fields - Matthew McAteer

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Scientific Progress

This post from Sep 2019 suggests a bunch of academic fields that are under-explored. 

Table of Contents

🧙‍♂️ Origins of this List

🧐 Criteria for Inclusion


🖥️ Computer Science

🧱 Materials Science

🐁 Biology

🌏 Geoscience

📈 Economics

🧠 Neuroscience

📐 Architecture


⚛️ Physics

🤔 Philosophy

🔮 Conclusions and Next Steps


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I recommend pasting the table of contents from Matthew's post into your post -- that will make it much more likely that someone looking for writing about an area Matthew covered will actually find your post. (I assume you felt the post was too long/complex to be worth crossposting in full, and I agree.)

Thanks for linking this, this looks really interesting! If anyone is aware of other similar lists, or of more information about those fields and their importance (whether positive or negative), I would be interested in that.

I think that 

Is really really REALLY important, but not everyone agrees. You can find more information in this critical review. ๐Ÿ˜˜

But seriously, I'd really love a deeper dive on many of these topics and other suggestions for academic disciplines