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by Aaron Gertler1 min read14th Sep 20206 comments


EA Forum (Meta)Community

I send out a weekly email digest for the EA Forum. 

The emails feature recent posts that have a lot of karma/discussion, as well as question posts that could use more answers. 

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What people are saying

"Awesome, saves so much time. Thank you!"

"I really like receiving these! It's very helpful, and I often get ideas for sharing things with the rest of [the research org I work for]."

"Thanks for putting this together - very valuable to have a curated selection."

"It doesn't really feel like there's enough stuff on each newsletter - I think having it be monthly rather than weekly would work better." (Not all feedback is positive!)

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Unrelated EA Forum feature request: It would be helpful to be able to filter the list of all posts to posts I have already upvoted and posts I have already strongly upvoted. This combined with date and tag filtering would make it really easy to re-find content. :)

Huh, that's a nice idea. And of course a straightforward "filter for posts I've read".

Thanks for trying this!

These are additional functions I'd find useful, but I'm not sure if it's worth the overhead for you:

  • choose tags: e.g. subscribe to all (upvoted) posts with certain tags
  • choose frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly

Also, some blogs and forums seem to offer RSS feed, which I haven't used myself yet but just based on its popularity, seems useful for others.

You can also subscribe to tags, by going to the tag page and clicking the "Subscribe" button. For those notifications you can also choose frequency, in the notification settings on your profile.

You can subscribe with RSS via using the "Subscribe (RSS)" button at bottom of the left menu on the frontpage.

I would be interested in a monthly version