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The tl;dr: 

  • I’m the new Content Specialist at the Centre for Effective Altruism, taking over from Aaron Gertler
  • I’m taking on a lot of his old responsibilities, including running the non-engineering side of the EA Forum, and you can reach out to me if you have any questions about or issues with the Forum. 
  • More below.

My name is Lizka.[1] You may have seen some of my old posts. You’ll likely be seeing me post more frequently now. :)

Some things I’ll be doing in my new role[2]

  1. Running the EA Newsletter and the Forum Digest
  2. Encouraging people to post on the Forum
    1. Or to sign up and add a bio
    2. Or to comment, or upvote
    3. Etc.
  3. Offering Forum workshops (e.g. at EAGx Oxford)
  4. Offering feedback on drafts
  5. Some moderation
  6. Setting up AMAs and contests
  7. General Forum support — if you’re experiencing an issue with the Forum, please reach out!
  8. Generally trying to make the Forum as great and welcoming as possible

Some things I won’t be doing

  1. Awesome software engineering that makes the Forum actually exist
  2. Reading and responding to every post, sadly (because, happily, there are too many)

Feel free to get in touch with me!

DM me on the Forum or email me at lizka.vaintrob@centreforeffectivealtruism.org. (And you can always just comment on this post.)

Somewhat random image[3]


  1. ^

    I have yet to meet another “Lizka” in the EA community. Please let me know if your name is also Lizka! (And as a minor point of clarification, my name is pronounced: "lease-kah.")

  2. ^

    At least for now. We’ll see exactly how my role evolves and we’re leaving it somewhat flexible to adapt to how things go. 

  3. ^

     I think more posts should have pictures. This is a visualization I made of certain points’ orbits under the action of a kleinian group.

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Congrats! I'm excited for you and for the future of our Forum!

Congrats on the new role! I'd be keen to hear about your strategy for the forum when you've had time to formulate it.

(This is one place where I disagree with the LW team that tends to deemphasise meta-posts. I agree that it's important to prevent a forum from being overrun with meta, but I believe that it's important to very occasionally promote certain meta-posts in order to create the sense of a community. In particular, I'm in favour of occasionally promoting posts that provide the community with a sense of where things are headed and allow input into major decisions).

Thank you! 

I'll be working on this sort of question, and I'm always curious to hear what people think! 

Welcome to your new role Lizka!

Thank you! 

Congrats! Really exciting to a) see how much skill development and progress you've made in the <1 year that I've known you, and b) the future of the Forum now that you're at the helm!

Thanks for the sentiment and for your part in that! :)

I intend to take 10% of the credit for all of your future impact. :P 

Woot, congratulations! I struggled to imagine a good successor to Aaron but I'm genuinely excited to see how the Forum will flourish under you. : )

<3 Thank you!

Crazy forum idea:

Add a checkbox which is something like "employers may contact me"

Thanks for sharing this idea! 

Hi! Congratulations on the new position! 


I was curious, MetaCulus and similar sites have been really useful recently for many EA's. Would there be anyway to create a similar system on EA here to do group sourced elicitation for possible ethical outcomes? It might super power the EA Forum's ability to make rational comments! 

Thanks! I don't have a very clear understanding of what you're proposing, but generally I'm excited for things like Metaculus :)

Hi Lizka! Thank you for the great introduction of yourself, would be great to communicate and discuss lots of interesting/important topics here on EA forum! 

Welcome Lizka! Hope the role is enjoyable for you for quite some time

Thanks! (I do, too!)

Congrats! Loving the random image

Yay, thank you! 

Oh, very exciting – looking forward to attending a Forum workshop! :)

Awesome, looking forward to seeing you at one! 

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