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What are good sofware tools? What about general productivity/wellbeing tips?

by Nathan Young1 min read15th Jun 202018 comments


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What tools do you find to be useful when working? What habits have you found to be most beneficial?

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Note: this is largely similar to a document I have here https://nathanpmyoung.com/workflow-tools

Happy to chat pros and cons.

Get a good desk setup.

Focusmate - 50 minute video work session with random people where you say what you'll do and what you did.

AppBlock - if you're hooked on distracting mobile apps that affect your productivity, then you could block it conditionally using AppBlock. It helps you block apps for a specificied time period, location (e.g. workplace), usage limit (e.g. 30 min/day), or launch count (e.g. 20x/day). Additionally, it has Strict Mode wherein you cannot turn off blocking unless a condition is fulfilled (e.g. after 1 day).

Hemingway - encourages you to write more clearly

Complice - Helps to set daily intentions and creates daily, weekly and monthly feedback loops.

Feel free to use my referal link if you like this option. Though I think malcolm is an EA so maybe don't? Hard to tell the counterfactual


Start work at the same time each day. 

I'm curious, can anyone suggest why this question hasn't got a lot of upvotes on the forum? It seems like a really useful evergreen question to have.

Habitica – this mobile app helps you manage your Habits, Dailies, To-dos, and Rewards while playing an RPG. Basically, you tick off tasks you've done and then you gain character Exp and Gold, while failed tasks and negative habits you've committed decrease character Hp and Gold. Gold is used to purchase item and equipment. Quest and party system are also available.

I suggest you split this into two comments, that way they can be up/downvoted seperately.

I've not used either though so I might check them out.

1kurotiane1yDone. Thanks for your suggestion!

I live by the advice that best tools are the ones that are available, so for that reason I love to use Google products with few modifications so the same tools/data are accessible on multiple platforms.

I only regularly use a few other things that are either specific to my job or are needed to fill gaps in Google's product line for core use cases I have, like Pocket and Feedly, and even those I'm constantly checking to see if I could get away with not using them.

Thus my task list, documents, calendar, etc. are all in Google.

I guess I worry about google having all my data - I'd like to build a sustainable ecosystem which I'm paying for with money rather than an ability to predict my future actions.

I agree that low friction is really valuable.

i use evernote to keep longterm lists of books to read, business ideas, recipes, ...

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