Evidence Action is a nonprofit that implements several evidence-based and cost-effective programs to combat global poverty.


Evidence Action's Deworm the World Initiative program has been a GiveWell top charity since 2013, while their Dispensers for Safe Water program was a GiveWell standout charity from 2017 to 2021, when that designation was discontinued. 

In the past, GiveWell also recommended Evidence Action's No Lean Season program, which provided no-interest loans to poor rural households between planting and the major rice harvest in rural northern Bangladesh.[1] This recommendation was later discontinued following a disappointing 2017 study and the termination of Evidence Action's partnership with the organization implementing the program.[2]

As of May 2022, Open Philanthropy has granted over $82 million to Evidence Action.[3]

The Life You Can Save features Evidence Action in their list of "best charities".[4]

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