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There are several matching opportunities running this Giving Season. If you know of any that I've missed, please mention them in the comments.

Double Up Drive

The 2022 Double Up Drive will start at 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 4:00 pm GMT on Giving Tuesday (29 November).

I don’t know how big the matched pool will be or how long it will last so it's best to donate as soon as it opens. 

2022 charities

  • Against Malaria Foundation
  • Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Evidence Action
  • Founders Pledge
  • International Refugee Assistance Project
  • New Incentives
  • StrongMinds
  • The Good Food Institute
  • The Life You Can Save

Double your donation

UBS Optimus Foundation (StrongMinds)

All donations to StrongMinds will be matched up to $800,000 or until the end of 2022 (whichever comes first)

Double your donation

Animal Charity Evaluators

Until December 31, any donation you make to ACE’s Recommended Charity Fund will be matched up to $300,000, thanks to the estate of a generous legacy donor.

Double your donation




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Social Change Lab (the non-profit I run) has a matched-funding opportunity where the next $50,000 we receive will be matched by an anonymous donor. It's looking very likely we won't meet this in the allotted time period (until January) so this will likely be a counterfactual donating opportunity. You can donate via Giving What We Can if you're interested! 

Update: the Double Up Drive donation matching is no longer available. 

Donations to Animal Charity Evalutators, Hellen Keller International, and StrongMinds are still being matched. 

For Canadian donors, donations to GiveDirectly are being matched to at least 50%.

Thank you for arranging this list!

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