Tools for collaborative truth-seeking

Plans: Each tool will have a description, a link to a video / text tutorial, and a link to a twitter thread. 

Applied to Loom: Why and How to use it ago

Infinite Canvases: a collection of collaborative visual modelling apps where you can lay out ideas on an infinite canvas. 

Name of ToolText tutorialVideo TutorialTwitter Thread
Manifold MarketsOfficial documentation, wiki pageLoomWIP
MetaculusOfficial tutorialsWIPLoomWIP
Visualisation of Probability MassForum post (WIP)WIPN/AWIP
Click and Drag Probability ElicitationForum post (WIP)LoomWIP
GuesstimateForum post (WIP)LoomWIP
SquiggleForum post (WIP)LoomWIP
Squiggle ComponentsOfficial documentationN/AWIPN/A
ExcalidrawForum post (WIP)WIPLoomWIP
LoomForum post (WIP)Basic, BroaderWIP
Pol.isWorked exampleWIPWIP
Pastcasting  Official FAQLoomWIP
Causal.appForum post (WIP)Quickstart WIP
Elicit YoutubeWIP