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Ranking animal foods based on suffering and GHG emissions

Thanks for making this!

I'd like to understand the suffering involved in egg production of free-range hens where the male chicks aren't killed. 

What assumptions does "cage free" make here?

1MakoYass7moI'm not sure the maceration of male chicks induces any suffering. IIRC, it's approved as a humane killing method by the SPCA or someone like that.
3VilleSokk8moThank you for commenting, Devon. Culling of male chicks is not considered. Unfortunately the tool will not include every effect because that would be rather difficult. As someone pointed out the breeder chickens used in broiler farms are not considered nor are the fish who are killed to feed farmed salmon.
Mid-Career Professionals: Impact Landscape - Request for Feedback

Nice to hear from you and thanks for the feedback Stephen.

You raise some good points and I definitely plan to beef up the document as things progress, especially with regard to the language around career changes as that will often be the biggest lever for impact as you correctly state.

Introducing Ayuda Efectiva

Great work, Pablo! I think we need more projects like this so glad to see another one.

On that topic, do you or anyone else know of other such national level projects, aside from Effektiv Spenden  (where I do some work) in Germany and RC Forward in Canada? Although I imagine there are many nuances of each country's bureaucracy, it could make sense to template out the operational aspects that likely don't differ from country to country.


Another with this bit:

We are thinking of Ayuda Efectiva as a startup, and are trying to build it up with the lowe

... (read more)
1Jan-WillemvanPutten8moIn the Netherlands we have DonerEffectief, launched last year around May. Happy to share some of our experiences and very interested in your story as well Pablo. We registered many effective charities to make them tax-deductible over the last year. According to [] this this status applies to residents of other EU-countries as well? Wondering if there are any other EU parties who want to capitalise on this?
4BrianTan10moEA Brazil did a similar project called DoeBem, but they've since stopped it. You can read more about it here:
3pmelchor10moDevon, thanks for the comment! I know of [] in Norway and Effective Altruism Australia []. Certainly. I had a brief conversation with Basti and Jack Lewars on this. I am very skeptical about large and complex projects like migrating to the same ERP but would be happy to explore more modest opportunities to avoid repeatedly reinventing the wheel :-) Fair concern and you are right: "the lowest possible fixed costs" can mean anything :-). In our case, we are looking at costs of less than 10K €/month for 2021. The plan is to bootstrap this (which we can afford) until we can show impact. The metric we will be focusing on is what The Life You Can Save calls leverage ratio: money moved expressed as a multiple of operating expenses. If you are interested in getting into the weeds, I'd be happy to chat [] :-)
EA Organization Updates: July 2020

Thanks Aaron - I really enjoy these updates and wouldn't be able to get the information otherwise. Well done!

Geographic diversity in EA

Thanks for this! The video doesn't have the Google Doc linked in it - where can I find that?

2AmAristizábal1yHi Devon, thanks for watching. Here is the Google doc: [] But some of the best and more informative replies are on the comments of this forum post, I´ll organize them on the document one of these days(still thinking how haha). Thanks!
Effective Altruism and Free Riding

Would you elaborate on what you mean?

3casebash1yEven though fair trade is ineffective on an individual level, it may be effective on a collective level because enough people find it appealing for broad adoption. Deciding to ignore it weakens any attempt to establish buying fairtrade as a society. EAs don't arise out of a vacuum, but out of society. If society is doing well, then EAs are more likely to do well too and hence to have more impact. So by not donating to a local charity, you are refusing to invest in the society that provided you the chance to have an impact in the first place. Not saying you should donate locally or buy fair trade, just pointing out one worry with ignoring them.
AMA: Rob Mather, founder and CEO of the Against Malaria Foundation

Relatedly, could you explain a case where the 20 minute rule failed to produce a good outcome?

5RobM2yWe are looking to hire a technology developer and I haven’t come up with a 20 minute solution to that. That’s not really failing to produce a good outcome, more an example of how the 20 minute approach doesn’t apply to every task or challenge, but I find it usually helps in some way when thinking through how to approach bigger tasks or projects. Another example is how we have approached managing the post-distribution monitoring reports that come in from Uganda following our 2017 distribution of 12.8 million nets. 130 PDM reports are received every 6 months and we thought about how we could manage the whole process of receiving 130 reports, analysing them all and deciding on required actions in just 20 minutes i.e. 20 minutes of effort required every six months. At the time, PDM reports from other countries, involving fewer PDMs, came in via email in Word docs or pdfs and they required a lot of time to sort, file and review. Our ‘20 minute approach’ led to us developing a system that allowed online reporting from the field. This took the number of reporting emails received to zero and eliminated any need to process documents. It meant data could be aggregated and presented instantly for review and analysis. A second phase of development took any text entries entered by each of the 130 reportees in the field (responses to questions like ‘What went well?’ and ‘What went less well?’) and distilled the myriad answers into drop down menu choices. This made the next round of reporting easier and quicker for those submitting reports. It also meant we could instantly see qualitative results in quantitative form and better and more quickly analyse them. The result is we have dramatically reduced the time taken to manage this reporting and improved the speed with which we can make decisions and act if needed.
Latest EA Updates for September 2019

I just wanted to say thanks - I find these overviews super useful and I come across a lot of great content I wouldn't otherwise have seen. Cheers!

Can my filmmaking/songwriting skills be used more effectively in EA?

Hi! I work for Founders Pledge and was thinking the same thing - great thought Mappy!

I'm gonna PM you Simon.

I got feedback for most of the roles where I reached the last stage of the application process, usually not for others. Usually the feedback was that my application was good (that I would have passed the hiring bar), but that someone else was better. I also got more specific feedback, but that was different every time (which makes some sense, since the positions were different, the people evaluating me were different, and I tried to not repeat mistakes that I had previously gotten feedback on).

EAs Should Invest All Year, then Give only on Giving Tuesday

I think there are two big benefits of donating monthly and automatically as opposed to on Giving Tuesday:

1) you can't forget to do it.

2) you don't see a big amount pile up during the year and then on Giving Tuesday think "am I really going to give that much away??"

Of course if you know you won't fall prey to either of these scenarios then it makes more sense to do as you describe.

Vox has a new department, Future Perfect, covering the world from an effective altruist perspective

Thanks for sharing! I am really excited for this and think it will be a large net positive for EA.

1vivek2yThe report link has moved to: []
How to have cost-effective fun

I was going to say the same thing. I found the majority of the advice to be good, but don't agree with pirating things to save money.

5Robert_Wiblin3yInterestingly, the folks at Netflix and HBO don't seem to mind people sharing accounts: ""We love people sharing Netflix," CEO Reed Hastings said Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas. "That's a positive thing, not a negative thing."" Presumably because i) it makes more people subscribe because they get more value for money by sharing, and ii) eventually people get their own accounts if they like it. More comments on what the various services think about password sharing here: []
Getting to the Mainstream

In which way do you believe that pragmatism undermines social justice? Couldn't it be that a pragmatic approach increases social justice, if it is shown to be the most effective?