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I'm not surprised that you would strongly disagree with this. Sorry if this is a bit blunt, but given that you very recently launched a public forecast on the love life of a community member, without their permission, to the dismay of many people on Twitter, I wouldn't think you have a particularly calibrated frame of reference as to when we should hold off on bets.

Where did I say anything about "giving up betting as an epistemic practice"? My post specifically listed why I know it's good epistemic practice.

All I said was that during a crisis that involves the potential loss of money of 100,000 people, constantly suggesting 4-digit bets on public online spaces as soon as two people have the slightest disagreement may not be the most empathetic thing to do.

Answer by EdMathieuJul 05, 2022430

Expected value seems very important. It underlies a lot of other important concepts, is relevant to both neartermism and longtermism, and is extremely frequently brought up in EA discussions and arguments.


Congrats guys – it's great to see this productive collaboration become a full-fledged organization!


Strong-upvoting this. The way you could decide to invest money into expanding your social media reach would be to properly sponsor your account through ads on IG/Tw/FB. These platforms allow for precise targeting based on demographics and interests – and given the specific scope of HIA, I imagine that designing good targets would be easy enough.

Answer by EdMathieuMay 27, 2022290

Our World in Data publishes research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems.

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We are looking for a talented and experienced Head of Product & Design to join our leadership team. We believe that this role is the “missing pillar” in our team. You will lead and manage your own team and run the design process in the way you like. The huge impact of this role on our team and our work means that we are looking for someone experienced and very well aligned with our mission.

Open, rolling applications for any role

We’re always keen to hear from people passionate about our mission who want to help achieve it. Because of this, we've just added a new page dedicated to open, rolling applications for any role. No matter what your skills are, if you believe you can support our work, let us know!

We are particularly interested to hear from people who could contribute to our data management and research work on demography and public health.


My (unverified) suspicion is that these people wanted to pick something that they considered to be a specific diet but that isn't related to meat-eating and therefore wasn't listed, e.g. 'gluten-free'. That could also explain the correlation with age if younger people tend to adopt these 'alternative' diets in a higher proportion.


Thanks for the feedback Jakub! I've added a clearer mention of the self-reporting aspect in the article & charts.

I love this idea! I've also been thinking a lot about the lack of quick-response capabilities within EA during the pandemic, so I think it could be a very impactful project. Having coordinated Our World in Data's work on COVID for the last two years, I'd be very happy to be in touch and contribute to anything data-science-related once you start to plan things.

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