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Hi Marie, the Mental Health Navigator and Rethink Wellbeing have set up something we hope will be able to serve as the support network you have indicated there is a need for here. More information is available here, as well some resources we hope people will find helpful: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/mRmehL6Yuu9SozjNs/give-and-get-mental-health-support-during-hard-times

Hi Luke, no, it's not meant to require a Google Account login. Are you having trouble accessing the survey?

Hi Richard,

Yes! As Dicentra mentioned in her comment, there is an EA Mental Health Navigator Service, which was first launched in 2019 (more information available here). Danica Wilbanks recently (as in today, November 3rd) posted an update on the EA Mental Health Navigator Service, which is available here

The EA Mental Health Navigator Service is meant to assist EAs with finding helpful mental health resources and accessing care. In October, the Navigator Service received a grant from the EA Infrastructure Fund to fund a part-time Project Manager and expand to become a global network of navigator volunteers, who help with both curating material for a publicly available databank of EA mental health resources and meeting with EA community members who might need some extra help finding mental health resources.

I'm the new Project Manager, and I'm hoping to greatly expand the service over the next 6 months. Starting this week, I'm recruiting volunteers who are skilled in either marketing or web design, as well as volunteers who are keen to either help with updating and continuing to build the resource databank or help out with providing consultations to EA community members. If you know of anyone who might be interested in volunteering, please do encourage them to reach out to me at ea.mh.navigator@gmail.com