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What is the legal and practical feasibility of a global DAF that could facilitate tax deductible donations from any wealthy country to any charity registered in a different country (but not registered in the home country of the donor)? Practical considerations would need to include FX risk.

Or, to put it another way, how might we build a platform to let people in India or China donate to Malaria Consortium?

Follow ups to 'Personal Finance for Generous People' event

There is now a Slack channel for continued discussions about EA and FIRE in the Global EA Discussion Slack. If you'd like to be added, please DM me your email address

Has anyone checked out Noora Health?

This isn't my area of expertise, but a quick review suggests that they are basing the numbers on a single study, which wasn't an RCT - it was a 'before and after' with an attempt at a control group.

That doesn't mean it isn't worth looking into, for sure, but I could equally believe that the extra rigour of an RCT could move the cost per lives saved from ~$1200 to a number several times higher than that.

It still merits furthers investigation though.

Who could advise on evaluating and driving social impact for a high-leverage technology provider for non-profits?

I don't know if this counts as a conflict of interest, but my wife is an M&E consultant. She ordinarily evaluates international aid projects but might be able to help with this. Let me know if you'd like an introduction

What Makes Outreach to Progressives Hard

Thanks for the mention :-)

Not sure how helpful this is, but grad schools typically move more money (certainly per pledger/per student/per class etc. and often in naive terms). We have no idea yet of the long term changes in attitudes/actions and how those relate to school-type.

Also FWIW someone just started raising OFTW pledges at HLS and is absolutely crushing it - about $20k/annum of pledges in about a fortnight!

Would an interactive table help you to make donation decisions or understand the EA charity space better? If so, what filters would you want?

Interesting project mate. One use case - I am always interested to know what the total 'value' of the community's donation is. Indeed, I ended up doing a  back-of-an-envelope  version of this for a presentation in December, using publicly available donations data. The issue is that everyone reports data over different time periods/in different formats, and there's also a very real risk of double-counting quite a few donations, and so it's tricky to do. 

I'd be interested to keep track of a) total donations influenced by EA; and b) trends in giving over time.

How we promoted EA at a large tech company (v2.0)

Thanks Jan - looking forward to hearing from you!

Are there EA-aligned organizations working on improving the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility/corporate giving strategies?

Will send you an email :-) you might also be interested in my post here, although it's only tangentially-related

Why we should grow One for the World chapters alongside EA student groups

It might be useful context to some of the comments below to highlight this page on our resource for our volunteers, which encapsulates for me how we talk about EA within OFTW (and how we signpost people to find out more): https://chapters.1fortheworld.org/info/effective-altruism-thinking/ (props to Vaidehi for helping us revise this and make it better this summer)

Why we should grow One for the World chapters alongside EA student groups

Hey Vaidehi - I hope you're well :-)

Just on the factual questions:

  1. ~12 - this includes some where the EA group explicitly runs the OFTW content, and some where the two just peacefully coexist. Collaboration is broadly positive but not consistent in method or depth.
  2. Hard to say - I would guess that around 1/3 know about nothing except effective giving, 1/3 know a bit about EA but are mainly focussed on effective giving and 1/3 are very knowledgeable about EA/fully committed EAs themselves.

To pick up two of your risks above:

  • OFTW chapters are certainly vulnerable to changes in leadership, but this point would seem to apply just as strongly to EA groups on campuses, I think? So I'm not sure that we should expect leadership turnover to have any more or less of a negative effect on OFTW-EA relations that it does on EA-student relations.
  • In fairness, we don't teach people those memes, or ever reference them in any of our materials or training (at least not in any of the materials or training that I have reviewed/contributed to). OFTW never mentions ETG and in general we don't really make claims about what EA cares about or focusses on. You helped us with this page, I recall, which is probably the best summary of how we talk about EA - and it reads to me as very neutral in its phrasing: https://chapters.1fortheworld.org/info/effective-altruism-thinking/
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