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Happiness is a cookie that your brain bakes for itself.

- Joscha Bach

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How others can help me

  •  I'm looking for an innovative project to use and hone my skills.
  •  Boast how you're improving the world!
  •  I'd like to connect with like-minded people.
  • Tell me how you convince people to be part of EA.

How I can help others

  • I can talk to you about being a freelancer in Germany (recommended!).
  • I can tell you about Berlin and Germany.
  • I know a lot of board games.
  • I can try to convince you about AGI safety.
  • I can tell you about the LessWrong community.
  • I can offer you a space to couch surf in Berlin (as long as my wife agrees)


I think it would still make sense to add it because I assume many people (like me) will add it manually anyway, giving you more free-text to analyze. :)

Why is there no "Science" as default option under "Do you watch YouTube videos on any of these broad topics?"? 

Good catch! This series used to have a registration form, but this event is open. "Enable RSVPs" is not checked, that's why you can't "join" here on the forum.

Do the rules of P4A allow GiveWell? I remember it being unclear last year whether funds / regrantors were eligible.

Thanks for sharing!

Are the numbers comparable to GiveWell, or is one of them more conservative? One data point could be Malaria. Is the Benefit-to-cost ratio GiveWell calculates for e.g. AMF around 48 as well?


Paper: Benefits and Costs of Scaling up Coverage and Use of Insecticide Treated Nets.

Benefit-to-cost ratio: 48.


>Scale up coverage of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets coverage to 10 percentage points above the 2019 level. Use of chlorfenapir to offset insecticide resistance and social and behavioral change communication to increase the usage including hang-up campaigns.

I assume and (ChatGPT agrees) that it's the tedious, unglamorous, and labor-intensive work. It probably comes from the Germany "schleppen" which is "heavy lifting".

I'd also like to point out that the Effektiv Spenden co-working office (TEAMWORK) is a place where many EAs work and is available for EA meetups and events outside of office hours. The impact of this is difficult to quantify, but potentially significant and not accounted for when looking at donations alone.

Is there a way to donate in a tax-deductible way from Germany via Effektiv Spenden? Is that too late to set up?

I advise against trying to read 1/day blindly, since there are monsters like A Technical Explanation of Technical Explanation (nearly 17k words), one needs to set aside time for.

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