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or Governor candidates in states like North Carolina

I don't mean most members would be interested, but I think they'd at least listen to the pitch. Just thinking similar/tangential existing organized groups seem underutilized when growing new groups

Existing secular/humanist/freethought/agnostic/atheist/Unitarian Universalist/vegan/service clubs (rotary, lions, etc)/etc groups seem more diverse age wise and likely sympathetic audiences

Bus routes also seem cheaper, quicker implemented, lower profile politically, and more historically ridden than rail:

Agreed on building on those wildly successful campaigns that each raised tens of millions:[1]

Team Disease: GiveWell
Team Bees: Good Food Institute/Clean Air Task Force/Giving Green/Founders Pledge

  1. ^

Bloomberg/Thomson Reuters/etc generate more revenue than most newspapers providing market data (with seemingly better incentives):

Manifund (aka Manifold for Charity)

To my knowledge, Manifold for Charity grants did not only fund Manifund; Manifold for Charity grants seemingly funded Manifold's currency donation platform too

Once debating if:
* Manifold for Charity should be excluded
* Survival and Flourishing Fund (SFF) funding is EA
* FTX Future Fund funding is EA

The original comment feels reductive and I'd rather data be linked upfront rather than feeling dragged into revealing data and motte-and-bailey-esque threads

Interpret data semantics as desired. At least I linked data my claims were based on upon, especially considering original claims still seem untrue regardless if SFF is considered EA:

most of our funding comes from venture capital sources

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