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Also wondered how many ideas were expected to be chosen

X-axis of the university rank distribution histogram is distorted. Some bars represent 25x as many universities as other bars. Ideally it'd look like a smoothed version of the previous graph

There are public biotech companies with ~$10B valuations and higher price/sales ratios:

And private valuations are much more generous than public valuations

As evidence increases for cognitive effects of poor air quality:

There may be initial opportunities for extra impact by prioritizing monitoring and improving air quality in important decision-making buildings like government buildings, headquarters, etc

@mikefilbey switching from monthly to annually could save over half the Stripe processing fees

Offput that 80k hours advises "if you find you aren’t interested in [The Precipice: Existential Risk], we probably aren’t the best people for you to get advice from". Hoped there was more general advising beyond just those interested in existential risk

@Peter S. Park @MathiasKB  @AndrewDoris 
rather than armoring where you're bit, less costly / inconvenient preventing bites in the first place by emitting odor / noise / light to ward off predators. Odor seems most promising for snakes according to

Maybe more than superstition to carry around smelly garlic / onions :)

Happy to help with AWS CloudFormation / Terraform work

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