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This forum has many comments that essentially boil down to something like "thanks/you're welcome/+1/this/me too/same/agree/disagree" that dilute signal-to-noise

I imagine most of these commentators also upvoted their parent comment, and the comment itself doesn't add much more than noise beyond that

I agree

I imagine that forum norms might be influenced by this post.

I think I agree with you in most cases, but every 1 in 5 or so I think, "Oh, it's interesting that [Person X in particular] thinks that," or "Aww, it's sweet that this person was so grateful for the parent comment that they felt they had throw in a comment on top of a strong upvote," or "Haha, lc you beat me to it."

Surprised how concentrated shortform authorship is. So far in 2023:

EA Forum:
25/125 (20%) @Nathan Young 
9/125 (7%) @Evan_Gaensbauer 

26/252 (10%) @DragonGod
10/252 (4%) @lc 

assuming my code's accurate enough:
grep -Eo 'CommentUserName-author">.+?<' shortform.div | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr

+1 to be able to check notifications, messages, and specific posts here without seeing newsfeeds:

+1 for these forum logos to be added to FontAwesome:

Is it possible to re-collapse a shortform after expanding it on /allPosts? If so, how? If not, feature request :)