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Interesting goal, but the initial plan being recording and playing back animal audio doesn't inspire confidence they'll make much progress anytime soon

Thanks for comparing vegetarian and omnivore diets. I'd be interested to see vegan diet results as well since vegan diets restrict even more sources of dietary creatine than vegetarian diets

Beyond animal suffering, the land/water/feed/antibiotic overusage, methane emissions, slaughterhouse worker conditions, zoonotic pandemics, etc still seem problematic

Surprised by the focus on developing new antibiotics since most antibiotics are currently given to farm animals. I initially thought reducing agriculture antibiotic usage would be the first policy pursued

Protein/dairy tradeoffs/substitutions make more sense to me, but honey/syrup/agave seem less necessary. For example, waffles, pancakes, french toast, etc still taste good without much of any of those, and honey/syrup/agave all seem too sugary to be healthy. Since they seem less necessary, your reasoning makes more sense to me as a case against honey alternatives rather than a case for honey

Most confuse me since they're predated by Animal Charity Evaluators, Givewell, etc, and the confusion delayed me donating at all

EA funds' website only seems to mention they might grant riskier/earlier-stage, but ACE and Givewell have earlier-stage funds too

If your criticism can be constructive, it's worth passing on in some form so they might improve

Radar speed signs currently seem like one of the more cost effective traffic calming measures since they don't require roadwork, but they still surprisingly cost thousands of dollars.

Mass producing cheaper radar speed signs seems like a tractable public health initiative

Starting more free 5k runs would be a great way to improve public health and connect people interested in improving health

(for local EA groups interested in volunteering ideas)

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