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Cool thanks, I did not know about that first one.

I note that that is different to how it works on substack comments, where clicking to the left of a comment collapses the parent comment rather than scrolling to it like here


One feature I really like on forums like Hacker News is the ability to traverse comments by having options to jump to a comment's parent, or next or previous sibling.

When you are deep in a gnarly comment thread, I find it useful to be able to hop up a couple of levels and then minimise a comment and its children

This is what comments looks like on Hacker News for example:


On https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/allPosts, clicking on a shortform expands it, but there is no way to unexpand/contract it

This is not the case with topic page edit and discussion, where clicking on the topic title toggles between expanding it and unexpanding it

Ideally shortforms could be toggled unexpanded in a similar way


Oop yes you are correct, I wrote that in haste, let me make an edit


You can set your browser to not let websites choose their own fonts, and to use your settings instead[1].

Not only do you get your own font preferences but it is quicker (no more requests off to Google Fonts or other places to download custom fonts) and more private (no more sending personal info to Google Fonts who get which has caused publishers to be fined from time to time for not being GDPR-compliant)


  1. ^

    In Firefox, go to about:config in a new tab, then set browser.display.use_document_fonts to 0


Have you looked at EA Anywhere? You might be able to set up something up through that


I just came across an interesting (and not too long) article on this point. Quoting the juicy parts:

In 1996, Dr. Jochem Hoyer, a well-known German surgeon and head of a transplantation unit at a university hospital was told by a colleague, “It is easy for you as a transplant surgeon to praise living donors as long as it is NOT you who has to donate, but someone else.”3 Hoyer then voluntarily donated a kidney to an unknown recipient on the Munich waiting list4 with the idea that this would make a “very strong statement.”5

His action led to proposals in Germany for nondirected donation. However, the German Transplantation Act of 1997 prohibited nondirected transplants from living donors.6 Opponents of nondirected transplants feared that this would produce a market in which donors would expect financial compensation. Some surgeons did think that if organs from living donors were to go to someone to whom the donor felt connected, donations might increase.7

One change that might be attributed to Dr. Hoyer’s donation was a substantial increase in the percent of living kidney donations in Germany, jumping from 4% to 20% of all renal transplants.8 The 1997 Transplantation Act was legally challenged, but the German Constitutional Court upheld it.9 In 2012, regulations permitted only first- and second-degree relatives, spouses, and registered life partners to receive a kidney from a living donor. No nondirected donations were allowed.10 This was reaffirmed in 2018: “Altruistic or anonymous [kidney] donation is legally not allowed.”11

Dr. Hoyer stated that it is “…incomprehensible that legislation…disapproves of a consistently lived Christian charity by refusal of an altruistic nondirected donation.”12 Dr. Hoyer was fired from the institution in which he had worked for thirty years.


Great interview! I particularly liked the parts about self-signalling and moral offsetting

I look forward to reading others in this series!

Couple of things:

  • I get the impression you recorded your conversation and then typed it up, is that recording in a shareable format? People like to listen to posts, this might be (or already has been) converted to audio via nonlinear but it might be nice to hear the original
  • Minor thing but I'd prefer the current speaker to be in bold type (ie. Amber: Tell me about what you’re doing. Tyler: I work for The Humane League.) to make it easier to distinguish a change in speaker

Same general principles apply in the UK - a simple guide is here: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/ZwTrykpvztrF5FQQL/how-to-set-up-a-uk-organisation-limited-company-version

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