Acronyms & abbreviations that I've come across during my time in EA. Big thanks to the CEA team for their help compiling this.

Are there any I've misunderstood or missed? Please add more in the comments!

:)))big smile
~approximately / roughly
80k80,000 hours
AFAICTas far as I can tell
AFAIKas far as I know
AFAIUas far as I understand
AMFAgainst Malaria Foundation
APaction points
ASTLACapproved subject to looking at comments
ATSapplicant tracking software
BAUbusiness as usual
BIRDboundaries, input, responsible, decision maker
BLUFbottom line up front
BOTECback of the envelope calculation
BRTbe right there
CBcommunity building
CBGcommunity building grantees
CBPCscriteria-based plan changes
CEACentre for Effective Altruism
CEAcost-effectiveness analysis
CFcomparing 2 things
COBclose of business (i.e. end of day)
COPclose of play
CoSChief of Staff
CR'score responsibilities
cruxa crux for a belief B is another belief C such that if I change my mind about C, that will also change my mind a lot about B
cruxyessential, difficult consideration
CTAcall to action
CWcontent warning
DE&Idiversity, equity and inclusion
DIPYdiscounted impact-adjusted peak years
DWdon't worry
EAeffective altruism
EAAeffective animal advocacy
EACFEA Coordination Forum (event)
EAGEffective Altruism Global
EAIFEffective Altruism Infrastructure Fund
EDExecutive Director
ELI5explain like I'm 5 years old
EODend of day
EOWend of week
ETGearn to give
EVEffective Ventures
EVexpected value
EVPemployee value proposition
FAOfor the attention of
FTEfull time employee / equivalent
FWIWfor what it's worth
FYIfor your information (i.e. no action points)
FYIOfor your information only
GDPRdata privacy regulations in the UK / Europe
GHglobal health
GWWCGiving What We Can
h/that tip (meaning giving credit to someone)
HMhiring manager
HMUhit me up
HNWhigh net worth
HODLbasically means “who’s owning this responsibility?”
IAMI am in a meeting
IANALI am not a lawyer (i.e. “this is not legal advice”)
IASPCsimpact-adjusted specific plan changes
ICYMIin case you missed it
IDMI don't mind
IIRCif I recall correctly
IIUCif I understand correctly
IKRI know right
ILYAI love you all
IMEin my experience
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMOin my opinion
inner siminner simulation
IRLin real life
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ITNimportance, tractability, neglectedness
ITTideological Turing test
JDjob description
JFCJesus f**ing Christ
JSYKjust so you know
JTBCjust to be clear
KYBknow your business
LFGlet’s f***ing go
LGTMlooks good to me
LMICslower middle income countries
LMKlet me know
LPlow priority
LTleadership team
LTRlikelihood to recommend
LYKlet you know
M&Emonitoring and evaluation
MECEmutually exclusive collectively exhaustive
MRSEmedian survey respondent equivalent
MTWMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday
NANno action needed
NBnota bene (actually means "note")
NFGno f***ing good
NGLnot gonna lie
NGMInot going to make it
NNTRno need to respond
NSFWnot safe for work
OFC / ofcof course
OKRobjectives & key results
OOMorder of magnitude
OOTBout of the box
OPOpen Philanthropy
OPSECinfo sharing / operations security
OTOHon the other hand
OTPon the phone
PAYEpay as you earn
PFAplease find attached
PITApain in the a*s
PTALplease take a look
put on icedelayed indefinitely / cancelled
RACIresponsible, accountable, consulted, input / informed (the traditional version of BIRD), pronounced "ray-c"
RFDrequest for discussion
s.t.such that
SEOsearch engine optimization
SGTMsounds good to me
sitrepsituation report (update on where thinking / work stands in relation to broader strategic goals)
SJWsocial justice warrior
SMHshaking my head
SoTsource of truth
sussuspect / suspicious (informal), can often playfully mean something is questionable
SWBsubjective wellbeing
TAPtrigger action planning
TBCto be confirmed
TBDto be determined
TBFto be fair
TCtake care
THTrajan House
TIAthanks in advance
TILtoday I learned
TL’steam leads
TLDR (or tl;dr)too long; didn't read (i.e. summary)
TMtrademark (e.g. being an adult™)
ToCtheory of change
TOILtime off in lieu (i.e. you worked on a holiday or weekend, and so you take that time off a different day)
TW“trigger warning” Way to broadcast content below might be problematic for some people to read, so they may want to skip (e.g. “TW: brief description of violent things”)
UNODIRunless otherwise directed
VoTsvalue of time estimates
VPvirtual program
w/cweek commencing
WFHwork from home
WFMworks for me
WIPwork in progress
WRT (or w/r/t)with regards to
WSJWall Street Journal
WTAFwhat the actual f**k
WTBU (or WTB)watch team backup
ymmvyour mileage may vary (i.e. you may have a different experience)
YoYyear over year





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This was cool to read — a number I didn't know! :D

cruxy essential, difficult consideration

'Crux' has a quasi-formal definition when used by EA/rat types. I think your definition might be good enough for navigating discussions where the word is used, but I think crux (as formally defined) is a cool/useful concept :)

Thanks @Bella! I added "crux" to the list and linked the article you shared.

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