A collection of researchy projects for Aspiring EAs

by EdoArad1 min read2nd Dec 20198 comments


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Designed to be useful for EA Israel, this document lists many different types of projects that people can work on outside of their existing career and obligations. Also, this is a list of concrete research projects that I gathered, aimed to be short but useful.

I will keep them updated, and would like to invite anyone to contact me with suggestions for additions and corrections - especially if the research output is directly relevant to your own work and research. Also, if you want to tackle one of the concrete projects there, please let me know.

I see this as a test for two hypotheses:

  1. We can get more people to be better engaged with EA by having a more concrete list of "stuff I can work on right now", in the research aspect of EA work.
  2. We can make significantly better progress on our research goals by using non-expert part-time volunteers with correct methodology.

From conversations I had with many people, hypothesis 2 does not seem that likely (or at least, very difficult to structure appropriately). However, I intend to give it a try. We are starting a research group in Israel to test one specific model and see how it works, with an announcement post under construction.