This might not be worth the time to figure out, but I figured I'd ask it and if anyone wants to try and answer it, they can.

I feel like they would have recommended slavery abolition back when Douglass, Brown, Thoreau, Lincoln, Stowe and all them were around. But not desegregation back during Malcolm X and MLK's time. Not to say that they'd oppose desegregation, just that it wouldn't be something they'd recommend. (Similar to how EAs don't necessarily oppose nurses today, but don't recommend that people become nurses.)

What do you think?




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What do you mean by not recommend? Not having it as a cause area is very different from not thinking it would be good.

I mean having it as a cause area. What would EA's cause areas have been if it existed in the 1960s? Or before slavery was abolished in the u.s.?

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