We are excited to announce the EA Nigeria Summit, which will take place on September 6th and 7th, 2024, in Abuja, Nigeria. 

The two-night event aims to bring together individuals thinking carefully about some of the world's biggest problems, taking impactful action to solve them, or exploring ways to do so. Attendees can share knowledge, network, and explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded people and organizations from Nigeria, Africa, and other international attendees.

We are organizing the summit with the support of the Centre for Effective Altruism Event Team. 

The summit is open to individuals from Nigeria, Africa, or other international locations, and we expect to welcome 100+ individuals at the summit; emphasis will be given to the following categories of individuals:

  • Existing members of the EA Nigeria community or Nigerian individuals familiar with effective altruism.
  • African Individuals who are familiar with and engaging with the EA community
  • Individuals (International or local) running or working for EA-aligned projects with operations in Nigeria or other African states.
  • International individuals who could contribute to the event's sessions.

Unfortunately, we have limited capacity for the summit, so we will have to choose who we accept based on who we think would get the most out of it. However, these are not exhaustive, and we encourage you to apply even if you are in doubt! 

We can also provide invitation letters for a visitor visa for the summit for international individuals but can’t provide additional help and can’t guarantee that this letter will be sufficient. 

Learn more about the summit and apply here, application is open until August 5th, 2024. 

For inquiries or questions, feel free to comment under this post or email us at info@eanigeria.org.  

We hope to see you there!




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This looks so cool! Good luck!!!

Exciting! Best wishes for the event!

Great stuff - good luck!

Amazing stuff guys! super exciting :)

This is so exciting to see, I can't wait to hear about how it went!

Would definitely love to be here

How did I miss this??

Yet to happen... The timeline is September and the application is still open. 

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