Introducing EA Work Club – high-impact jobs and side projects for EAs

by HenryStanley8th Dec 20179 comments



If you're looking to find a high-impact job, or do some high-impact volunteering, it's hard to know where to look.

(There's the 80,000 Hours job board – which is great, though doesn't accept public submissions, and is skewed towards AI research openings. It also has a few listings that are out of date. There's also the Effective Altruism Job Postings Facebook group, which does accept public submissions, but is hard to search, and there aren't personalised alerts.)

Basically, there isn't a single, authoritative source for high-impact job openings and volunteer opportunities. So I decided to make one!

It's a pretty basic site, with Projects and Jobs.

Projects: things you want help with or think that the community should be working on. Anyone can submit; can be upvoted; can have an associated budget.

Jobs: a paid role or internship with an EA org, or a role with a non-EA org that you think is likely to be impactful. Anyone can submit; can have an expiry date (after which it won't be shown on the site).

I've just added category-specific email alerts for job postings and side projects, so you can sign up for alerts in the cause area(s) you care about. I'm working on adding location-specific alerts, too, as well as alerts when a project needing a specific skillset comes up.

I'd love to hear your feedback on it!

If you want to hack away on it, the code is on GitHub.

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Looks awesome - I hope people find it useful :-) Maybe if it gets popular worth having a way or plans for a way to filter jobs / projects via location?

Yes – that's top of my list!

I motion to move all unpaid internships from "jobs" to "projects."

Good you set this up. Is the plan to gather the postings from both the 80k board and the fbook group so that everything is on the EA work club?


Yes, that's the idea. Have chatted to Richard at 80K; we'll see what happens in terms of "official" adoption. But with a bit of automated scraping (and manual work) I don't see why this shouldn't end up being a superset of the 80K jobs board listings and those in the Facebook group.

Note as well that there's this much wider list, which automatically scrapes from the organisation's job boards and has filters, though it needs to be neatened up:

We know the founders and they're willing to add more features on requests (e.g. different cause filters). But, they would eventually want some payment for providing it.

What's the deal with the stars? What makes a project 1 or 3?

I think that's how many upvotes the project has had.

Heh yes, was intended as a way for people to gauge how much interest there is in a given project. Will try and make the UI clearer. If you click the star you can upvote.