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The speed, sophistication, and impacts of AI technology development together comprise some of the most astonishing and significant events of our lifetimes. AI development promises both enormous risks and opportunities for society. Join Metaculus's AI forecasting team and help humankind better navigate this crucial period. 

Open roles include:

Machine Learning Engineer - AI Forecasting

You’ll work to enhance the organization and searchability of our AI analyses, ensure that the AI-related data and thinking that we rely on is up-to-date, comprehensive, and well organized, and deliver (via modeling) forecasts on an enormous set of questions concerning the trajectory of AI.

Research Analyst - AI Forecasting

You’ll engage deeply with ideas about the future of AI and its potential impacts, and share insights with the AI research and forecasting communities and with key decision makers. You’ll use crowd forecasting to help generate these insights, writing forecasting questions that are informative and revealing, facilitating forecasting tournaments, and coordinating with Pro Forecasters.

Quantitative Research Analyst - AI Forecasting

You’ll use quantitative modeling to improve our ability to anticipate the future of AI and its impact on the world, enhance our AI-related decision making capabilities, and enable quantitative evaluation of ideas about the dynamics governing AI progress.

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