Activism to Make Kidney Sales Legal

by Jeremy 1 min read9th Apr 20199 comments


Caveat: I am not well versed in law and haven't thought this through too much. It could be a spectacularly bad idea. It also could be a good idea, but bad for EA to be associated with it. If enough people think so and comment, I'll delete this post. [Edit: Perhaps this comment is a better idea, though with approximately the same risks.]

I've read most of the EA articles/posts about kidney donation. I also just read this.

It got me thinking, what about this scenario? A person

1) Secures funding for a protracted legal battle

2) Donates a kidney

3) Turns themselves in to the police, saying they were actually paid $1 for it (an absurdly small amount of money would make it a better story )

4) Fights a protracted legal battle, taking it through all levels of the court system, getting lots of press (possibly with simultaneous protests outside the courtroom), and helping to shape public opinion and eventually change the law

For a twist, perhaps it could be worked out where the donor was wealthy and/or famous and the recipient poor. Maybe there are also other details like that, that would make it more press-worthy.