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So I think animal products from wild animals (e.g. deer, kangaroo) are typically much better than farm-raised.
Also, it looks like some kinds of wool (e.g. alpaca) are more likely to be from animals that are treated well.
Does anyone have any good references for these sorts of things?





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I think a lot of EAs think dairy does not cause that much harm by quantity, and lacto-vegetarianism seems popular (although so is veganism). Similarly, people buy clothing much less frequently than food, so I'd expect it to matter less, too (although I'd guess mink fur is pretty bad, since the animals are so small and farmed in pretty horrific conditions).


For what it's worth, part of the reason I went vegan initially was because it didn't seem worth the effort or cost to get animal products I'd be confident were sufficiently ethical.

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I'd be very interested if you could share your references. Especially about alpacas, as I've searched a bit and found only this rather horrible PETA footage :(

Also, can you specify exactly what is the type of reference you are looking for? Is it for clothing products? Only for wild-animal alternatives?

It was a few years back that I looked into it, and I didn't try too hard.  Sad to see the PETA link.
I'm basically looking for a reference that summarizes someone else's research (so I don't have to do my own).

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